About 180 kms. to north-east of Jaipur, along the rolling hills of Vindhyas and Aravali ranges lies the town of Sawai Madhopur. The town founded in 1765 AD was named after its founder Sawai Madho Singh-I of Jaipur.Today Sawai Madhopur is known for Ranthambhor, a Wildlife reserve and a place of historical importance. The Muslim conquest brought about major changes in the political map of northern India. In Rajasthan, the Chauhan kingdoms of sapadalaksa and Nodal dis-appeared, Govinda the grandson of Prithviraj Chauhan established himself at Ranthambhore and ruled as feudatory of the Sultan of Delhi. Following disturbances after the death of Iltutmish, Vagbhatta besieged the fort of Ranthambhor. He then ruled from here for 12 Years waging continuous battles against the Sultanate. Rao Hamir was yet another figure who carved a niche for himself. In the annals, it is only now and then do we come across men of such heroism. Rana Kumbha captured the Ranthambhor Fort the middle of the 15th century. After the death of Aurangzeb, the fort was taken over by the rulers of Jaipur. Places To Visit Ranthambor Fort :- The history of Sawai Madhopur revolves around the Ramthambhor fort. Surrounded by Vindhyas and Aravalis, amidst vast and arid denuded tracts of Rajasthan, lies the oasis of biomass in an ecological desert, the Great Ranthambhor . No one knows when this fort was built. The strength and inaccessibility of the fort was a challenge to the ambitions of the rulers of the ancient and medieval India, particularly those of Delhi and Agra. The eminent ruler of the fort was Rao Hamir who ruled around 1296 AD. History relates that none of the rulers had a peaceful spell in spite of its strong geographical strength. Remnants of marvelous architectural monuments, ponds and lakes enlighten avid lover of the subject. The soul of this great fort inspires patriotism, valour and love. Every part reflects the ancient character of Indian culture and philosophy. There are various places of historical interest inside the fort namely Toran Dwar, Mahadeo Chhatri, Sameton Ki Haveli, 32 pillared Chhatri, Mosque and the Ganesh Temple. Ranthambhor Ganesh Temple :- Ganesha Temple is major attraction of the Sawai Madhopur, thousands of people come from every corner of the country come over here, and seek blessings from the Lord for happiness and prosperity. One interesting aspect is the mail that is sent to Lord Ganesha consisting mainly of wedding invitations. A fair is held on Bhadrapad Sudi Chaturthi over here. Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple :- On the way to Ranthambhor National Park, nestled amidst the high hills is the sacred Amareshwar Mahadeo temple. This is a famous picnic spot in Sawai Madhopur Rameshwaram Dham :- 60 kms. from Sawai Madhopur on the onfluence of Banas and Chambal river is Rameshwaram. It has a beautiful Shiva temple where a fair is held annually on Shiv Ratri. Chamatkar Temple :- The ChamatkarJi Temple Situated on the main road railway station to Sawai Madhopur city . This temple is famous for many miracles. The name ChamatkarJi means the deity who performs miracles. A fair is held here on 'Sarad Poornima' every year. Kala-Gaura Bhairwa Temple :- On the right side of the city gate touching the heights of mountains lies a 'Tantrik' of Bhairava. Big elephants with raised tusks on its gate. Main attractions are the Kala-Gaura Bhairvas dressedin 'Tamasi' and 'Rajsi' styles respectively. Khandar Fort :- Khandar fort is the fort of Taragarh of nmedieval times, it lies 40 Km. of Sawai Madhopur. There are no evidences regarding the construction of the fort but one thing is certain that the fort was at its peak in the 12th century. It has been constructed on the basis of ancient Indian architectural standards. By virtue of its situation on the vertical high hill it was difficult for the enemy to attack the fort,so it has been termed as an invincible fort. ChouthMata Temple :- 25 kms. from Sawai Madhopur and situated on a hill near Chauth Ka Barwara town is the famous temple of Mother Goddess. It is a very famous temple. Shiwad Temple :- Shiwad Temple is known for the Ghushmeshwar Mahadeo temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thousands of people come here to seek blessings of Lord Shiva for prosperity. An imposing fort perched on a small hill is an added attraction of the place.