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Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune
Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune
Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune
Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune
Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune Countrywide Travel Services -  Travel Agency Pune
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D   E  H  R  A  D  U  N  


The Doon Valley is situated between the two most important rivers of India. i.e. Ganga & Yamuna, is most picturesque having moderate climate, nestling a number of places of tourist interest.

It is named after Guru Dronacharya - A great teacher in Mahabharat epic. The renowned religious town of Rishikesh, the queen of hills Mussoorie, the renowned sulphur springs at Sahastradhara and a part of Rajaji National Park, the quit Chakrata hills all lie in this district. Also visit the Chardhams.

Dehradun is situated at an altitude of 2200 feet above sea level. It is one of the most developed cities of India having moderate climate. The places to be visited nearby are Sahastradhara (14 Kms.) Robbers Cave (8 Kms.) Forest Research Institute (5 Kms.) Tapkeshwar Temple (5.5 Kms.), Laxman Sidh (12 Kms.) Malsi Deer Park (9 Kms.)


    The Places of Interest and Sight Seeing

  • Malsi Deer Park : 10 kms. from Dehradun , enroute Mussoorie is situated a beautifully developed tourist spot lying at the foot hills of the Shivalik range. Malsi Deer Park is a mini-zoological park comprising of a children's park enveloped by beautifulm natural surroundings.

  • Alongwith the attractive environs the availability of refreshments makes the place an ideal sight seeing cum picnic spot. Sahastradhara Sahastradhara is a cold sulphur wate spring, with hing medicinal value. The Baldi river and the caves provide a breathtaking view. Situated 14 kms. from the city bus stand , and connected by a regular bus service and private taxies, this is an ideal place for family picnics.

  • Tepkeshwar Temple :The temple is situated on the banks of a rivulet, in the Garhi Cantt. Area 5.5 kms. from the city bus stand, the temple is well connected by road. It is named Tepkeshwar as water droplets, originating form a rock, fall on the Shivling placed in the shrine. People in large numbers participate in the fair organised on the occasion of Shivratri and pay their obeisance to the deity.

  • Kalanga Monument :Located on the right side of the Dehradun- Sahastradhara route, the kalanga monument recalls the story of the bravery of an 180 year old battle between the British and the Gokhas, perched on hill, 1000 feet over the banks of river Rispana, the monument represents the history of the rulers of Garhwal.

  • Laxaman Siddh :12 kms. away from Dehradun , towards Rishikesh is a famous temple known as the Laxaman Siddh , Legend has it that a sage underwent penance over here. Due to easy accessibility the temple is visited by a large number of the people especially on Sundays.

  • Chandrabani :Situated 7 kmS. from Dehradun , on the Dehradun- Delhi road is the famous temple of Chandrabani (Gautam Kund). According to the mythological beliefs, this spot was inhanited by Maharshi Gautam , his wife and daughter Anjani who are widely worshipped by temple. It is believed that the daugher of heaven Ganga had manifested herself on this spot which is now popularly known as the Gautam Kund. Every year devotees, in large numbers , take a dip in the holy Kund. 2 kms. away from the main raod , located in the midst of Shivalik hill, the place is a beautifl tourist spot.

  • Sai Darbar :Situated 8 kms. along the Clock Tower on Rajpur Roadm is the Sai Darbar temple. This place holds a high cultural and spirital value and is visited by tourist form across the country and foreigners as well. Tibetan Temple Situated on Rajpur Road near the Sai Darbar is a huge and colourful temple of Lord Budha.

  • Robber's Cave (Guchhupani) :An ideal place for a picnic , Robber's Cave , is just 8kms. away from the city Bus Stand . Lachhiwala 3 kms. from Doiwala and 22 kms. from Dehradun , on the Haridwar-Rishikesh road , is Lachhiwala. The serene and blissful spot is famous for is picnic spotsl.. The place also provides accommodation ot the tourists in the forest Test House nestled in the greenery.

  • Forest Reasearch Institute :7kms. from clock Tower , the Forest Research Institute on the dehradun- Chakrata motaable road is the biggest forst based training institute in India. Most of the forest officers are product of this insitute . the F.R.I. with its majestic building also houses a Botanical Mueseum. Indian Military Acadeny Situated 8 kms. on Dehradun - Chakrata road and 3 kms. beyond F.R.I. ( Dehradun ) is a premier training institute for Army officers. The academy has the following places of tourist interest. 1. Museam 2.Library war memorial arms and ammunition shooting demonstration room & Frima Golf Course [18 HOLES]

  • Tapovan :Approximately, 5 kms.from the city bus stand on the Dehradun - Rajpur Road ,this place is situated in beautiful surroundings. Legend has it that guru dronacharya had done penance in this area.

  • Santaula Devi Temple :About 15 kms .from the dehradun to reach the famous temple of santuala devi ,one can Utilize the bus facilities till jaitanwala ,then it is a 2 kms. drive to punjabiwala bya Jeep or any light vehicle and further it is a 2 kms .trek from punjabiwala to the temple The temple stands as a symbol of the faith people have in the temple and has great Cultural and religious significance .

  • Wadia Institute :5 kms .uphil from the clock tower ,on general mahadev singh road is situated the wadia institute which institute which houses a unique museum of the uttrakhand glaciers.

  • The Zooligical Survey of India :Founded in 1916 the Zooligical Survey of India, 5 kms. away of kaulagarh road, a department under the Ministry of Enviroment and Forests, and Forests, is a premier Nastional Institute exploring the faunal diversity of the country. It undertakes surveys in all the bniogeographic zones to collect. Identify. Collate and inventories faunal diversity of our country. The museum of this institute has a variety of Himalayan faunal diversity.

  • Rishikesh :A celebrated spiritual centre, Rishikesh enjoys a calm environment, impressive water front and dense forest hills. Virtually a town of saints, sages and scholars, Rishikesh is a large religious centre situated at the right bank of river Ganga. There are a number of Ashrams where religious discourses are held for the benefit of the visitors. The place is also a renowned centre for Yoga teachings. River rafting is another attraction for Rishikesh. A number of organizations have established their camps 15 kms. Upstream. Good hotels are available in addition to a tourist bungalow and many Dharamshalas.

  • Mussoorie :Famous as queen of hills this charming hill station is situated at an altitude of 3000 metres above sea-level and is 36 Kms. from Dehradun, connected by a good motorable road. There are a number of good hotels besides a tourist bungalow, PWD inspection house and couple of Dharamshalas. The places to he visited nearby are Municipal Garden (4 Kms.) Kempty Falls (14 Kms.) Gunhill (through cable car) Depot Hills (5 Kms.) The Jheel (6 Kms.) Mussoorie is also accessible from Dehradun through trekking. For details of trekking route between Dehradun and Mussoorie, Click Here Dhanaulti (26 Kms.) Surkhanda Devi (35 Kms.) Chamba (57 Kms.) New Tehri (70 Kms.) Nagtibba (48) Kms.)

  • Asan Barrage :Popularly known as Dhalipur Lake, Asan Barrage, created in 1967, was developed By Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN), as a water sports complex in 1994.

  • Sahastra Dhara :Located 14 km from Dehradun is the famous picnic spot called as the Sahastra Dhara. Noted for their astounding beauty the medicinal sulphur waterfalls are a great attraction.

  • Skiing at Mundali :Located in the Dehradun district of Uttar Pradesh, Mundali is 129 kms from Dehradun via Chakrata Dak Pathar Under the Yamuna Hydel Scheme, Dak Pathar has emerged as a tourist spot which boasts of lush green lawns and blooming gardens. It is 45 Kms. situated on Dehradun - Chakrata road and is connected by regular bus service.

  • Lakha Mandal Temple :Lakhamandal is situated on a hill slope along the bank of the yamuna in district Dehradun. It is a site rich with ancient remains of temples, sculptures and insriptions, some dating from as early as fifth century A.D.

  • Kalsi :It is about 5 kms. from Dak Pathar on way to Chakrata, where there is an Ashoka edict inscribed on the sizeable rock. It is preserved by National Archaeological Department.

  • Chakrata :Situated at a distance of 92 Kms. from Dehradu, at an elevation of about 700 feet. Chakrata is known for its serene environ and sylvan charm. The place is devoid of all artificiality and one can move in perfect calm & in pollution free atmosphere. One can find accommodation in the forest rest house. There are few ordinary hotel also. The northern part of Chakrata sub-division, Provides most fascinating area for trekkers and nature lovers. Covered by dense virgin forest dotted with attractive village of colourful Jaunsari tribe, the area is dominated by 10,000 feet high peak of Kharamba. On its northern slopes is situated Mundali (9,000), where skiing is possible during the period from November to April. Deoband (9,000) Kanasar (8500), Kathiyan (7000) (all connected by road), Molta (7000), Tiger Fall near Chakrata are some other spots worth visiting. The famous temple of Mahasu Deota at Hanol is annually visited by thousands of pilgrims from Garhwal and Himachal Pradesh.

  • Jhanda Fair :The Jhanda Fair marks the arrival of Guru Ram Rai, the Sikh Guru, at Dehradun.

  • Lakhawar Mela :Lakhawar fair is a village fair, held during the months of September- October.

  • Laxman Sidh :This picturesque place about 12 Kms. from Dehradun on Hardwar road is frequented by a large number of people specially on Sundays. Legend has it that a saint underwent penance at this place. The place is connected by local bus service.

  • Lakhamandal :About 80 Kms. from Mussoorie on Mussoorie - Yamnotri road Lakhamandal is believed to be the place where Duryodhana of Mahabharat episode conspired to burn alive the Pandavas in the Lakshyagriha a house specially constructed with shellac. There is a temple believed to be constructed in the eighth century with a number of carved figures on stone which are of archaeological significance. Taxis are available at Mussoorie for visiting the place. There is however, no place to stay at present.

  • How to Get there

  • Air: Jolly Grant airport is the nearest airport situated 24-km from Dehradun.

  • Rail: Dehradun has got a railway station of its own, connected to all the major cities of the state.

  • Road: Being a capital city of Uttaranchal is well-connected with all the major cities of the state.


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